Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University's Global Presence

Carnegie Mellon is a global university. Our students, alumni and faculty hail from almost every country. With more than a dozen degree-granting locations, and more than 20 research partnerships, Carnegie Mellon has an international identity.

Our educational philosophy combines academic and service programs to encourage students to become aware, socially responsible citizens of tomorrow's world who help to solve global and local problems.

Carnegie Mellon research, known for its problem-solving nature, involves collaboration on a number of global issues. Carnegie Mellon's partnerships unite scholars and researchers in cutting-edge fields across the world.

Student Density

Top 10 Student Countries # of Students
United States 8,309
China 2,906
India 1,402
South Korea 281
Qatar 177
Taiwan 169
Canada 153
Singapore 86
Mexico 66
Rwanda 63

Alumni Density

Top 10 Alumni Countries # of Alumni
United States 88,430
India 2,001
China 1,758
South Korea 1,221
Taiwan 664
Japan 582
Qatar 532
Singapore 516
Canada 510
Hong Kong 434

More data about Carnegie Mellon University students, faculty, staff and alumni is available from the Office of Institutional Research Analysis.

Updated as of June 2019